Contact Our Staff

Executive Director

Elizabeth Dampier, Executive Director
(336) 723-9111, ext. 206


Traci Connor, Vice President of Planning

Sarah Prather, Director of Planning


Mary Jo Morgan, Vice President of Finance
(336) 714-7110


Elizabeth Marsh, Vice President of Philanthropy
(336) 723-9111, ext. 204

Heather Moore, Assistant Director of Development
(336) 723-9111, ext. 207

Melissa Hilton, Development Coordinator
(336) 723-9111, ext. 214

Communications & Marketing

Leigh Ann Woodruff, Vice President of Communications
(336) 253-3203

Precious Brayboy, Manager of Visitor Experiences
(336) 723-9111, ext. 201

Christy Ferguson, Manager of Museum Scheduling
(336) 714-7105

Allyson McCauley, Marketing Manager, Birthday Parties and Special Events

Education & Facilities

Marcus Harshaw, Vice President of Education and Facilities
(336) 618-3991


Christine Simonson, Director of Learning and Engagement

Kevin Caesar, Natural Sciences Manager

Sarah Evans, Education Programs Manager

Kayla Todd, Manager of Guest Engagement








Jimmy Bates, Facilities and Exhibits Manager
(336) 723-9111, ext. 209

John Bowhers, Director of Design and Theatre Production
336-723-9111, ext. 213

Jimmy Bates, Facilities and Exhibits Manager
(336) 723-9111, ext. 209

Becca Drew Ramsey, Director of Theatres and Performing Arts

Corinne Bass, Peppercorn Theatre Manager

Caitlyn Zarzar, Manager of STEM Theatres