Kaleideum Laser Shows

Laser Specials

4 pm daily


  • Members: $2
  • Nonmembers: $3
  • Purchase at the front desk.
  • Seating begins 10 minutes before show

New at the Kaleideum Planetarium!

The Kaleideum laser light system has been upgraded! Now larger and brighter than ever with an entirely new library of music, the Laser Specials will light up your world with 15-20 minutes of laser brilliance. Laser upgrade from Laser Fantasy International.

PLEASE NOTE: Some selections of music may not be suitable for all ages, check the schedule for show information. Laser shows are not suitable for those with photo or motion sensitivities.


Laser Special Playlists

Holiday Preview

Laser TreeCatch a preview of our new laser system for FREE at Festive Family Friday! Friday, December 10 from 6pm – 9pm. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer; The Most Wonderful Time of the Year; All I Want for Christmas is You; Let it Go – Frozen.

12 minute preview

Holiday Classics

Laser TreeCarol of the Bells; The Nutcracker March; White Christmas; Up on the Housetop; The Most Wonderful Time of the Year; Linus and Lucy; and Let it Snow.

17 minutes

Holiday Hoopla

Joy to the World; Jingle Bell Rock; Winter Wonderland; Sleigh Ride; All I Want for Christmas is You; Christmas Eve by Trans Siberian Orchestra.

17 minutes.

World Wonders

Songs from China, Zaire, India, Spain, Trinidad, Mexico and USA.

17 minutes.


Monsters & Mermaids

Adam’s Family Theme Song; The Munsters Theme Song; Monster Mash; Yellow Submarine; Thriller; Octopus’ Garden; Ghostbusters.

14 minutes.

Movie Madness

Jaws Intro; Circle of Life; Chim Chim Cheree; Jurassic Park Theme; Mission Impossible; Ghostbusters.

21 minutes.


Mini Movie Madness

Jaws Intro; Circle of Life; Jurassic Park Theme; Imperial March; Ghostbusters.

15 minutes.

Cosmic Fun

Flight of the Bumblebee; Imperial March; Overture from Phantom of the Opera; William Tell Overture; Here Comes the Sun; Learning to Fly; Flash; Time Warp; Ghostbusters.

12 minutes.

Space and Beyond

The Planets; Across the Universe; Wild Signals; 1999; Flash; Imperial March; Empire Strikes Back.

14 minutes.


90s Flashback

I Want It That Way; Genie in a Bottle; Lucky; Derezzed; Bye, Bye, Bye.

 14 minutes.


Totally Tubular 80s Show

Hot, Hot, Hot; Pour Some Sugar on Me; Weird Science; Danger Zone.



Color My World

ROY G BIV; Ray of Light; Here Comes the Sun, Yellow Submarine.

 18 minutes.


Kids Choice

Jurassic Park Theme; Circle of Life; Yellow Submarine; Imperial March; Ghostbusters.

14 minutes.


Bicycle Race; Somebody to Love; We Will Rock You; We are the Champions; Bohemian Rhapsody.

20 minutes.


Twist & Shout; I Want to Hold Your Hand; Yesterday; A Hard Day’s Night; Lucky in the Sky with Diamonds,

20 minutes


Led Zeppelin Lite

Immigrant Song; Rock & Roll; Over the Hills and Far Away; Good Times Bad Times; Stairway to Heaven.

20 minutes.


Pink Floyd Preview

Learning to Fly; Wish You Were Here; High Hopes; Comfortably Numb.

20 minutes


Laser Extravaganza

Coming soon in 2022

Laser Extravaganzas feature an entire setlist of music from artists like Pink Floyd, Beyonce, Daft Punk, Lizzo and more! Tickets can be purchased online in advance. Shows last 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Upcoming Shows

  • Stay tuned for shows in 2022



  • Members: $5
  • Nonmembers: $6

Online ticket sales will go live a month before the event. Tickets can also be purchased at the door.

Planning an event? 

Laser shows are the perfect addition to any event! Pick through our massive catalog of new music and choose your very own custom laser show. Contact Caitlyn Zarzar for more details and pricing, czarzar@kaleideum.org.