We hope you’ll spend the entire day with us, but if your time is limited, we recommend that you schedule no less than one hour for your visit. With more than 25,000 square feet of exhibits, and a 17-acre Science and Environmental Park, there is so much to do at Kaleideum North!

Now Open at Kaleideum North!

Take a trip back in time with Toy Time, now in the Changing Exhibit Hall at Kaleideum North!
Before Minecraft … before Rubik’s Cube … before Barbie … before plastic, there  were no cell phones or video games, and batteries were never included!
Experiment with toys created before the onset of electricity and mass production. In this exhibit, visitors can engage and delight in tumbling, sliding, rocking, spinning, dancing, and flying folk toys that demonstrate the effects of gravity, inertia, rhythm, harmonic motion, and mechanics.Try your hand at the “Jacob’s Ladder,” “Whimmy Diddle,” “Pecking Chickens” or one of our many other interactive exhibits. Toy Time features hands-on, large scale versions of the most popular action folk toys from around the world with influences from early America and Appalachia folk life. These toys demonstrate the creativity of craftsmen who had only a knife, a saw, scraps of cloth, blocks of wood, and other household items with which to work.
Toy Time is history, culture, science, and fun, all rolled into one. Don’t miss it!